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Medical School Graduation Invitations

The first of many grand accomplishments in your life is here. Graduating from Medical school is no easy task. Your long days and longer nights of study and practice will finally pay off, and your professional life is just starting. 

What better way to let everyone know and celebrate your achievement than with personalized graduation invitations? Medical graduation invitations are formal and classic, but there is no rule. If you are specializing in pediatrics, you probably want them to be more playful. Luckily, we offer many options and templates to make it easier for you. 

Keep your wording formal and include all the necessary information. Besides your personal information, you should also add the time, date, and location of your ceremony or celebration. Add some words of your own or an inspiring quote to finish strong. 

Etiquette dictates that anyone involved during your career years, like your parents, grandparents, close family, friends, colleges, and mentors, should receive an invitation. The correct time to send them is eight to four weeks before and remember to set a deadline to RSVP confirmation.