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High School Graduation Invitations 2022 / 2023

High school graduations are important events, and they mark the beginning of a new stage in graduate life and celebrate its achievements. Whether it's invitations to the ceremony or high school graduation party invitations, they should reflect the graduate personality. 

You will find many options to choose from at Paperlust, and you can customize the image by uploading your favorite photo and add a filter to perfect it. There are designs for every style, from a formal invitation to a casual and modern one. 

Choose from a variety of design prints to suit the formality and aesthetic of your invitations. If you are hosting a formal gathering, prefer darker tones with a portrait of the graduate and letters in real foil that incorporates heat, pressure, and metallic pigment. The finish will be classy and luxurious. White ink goes perfectly with modern and sleek invitations. Combine a dark tone paper with this print, and you will love the result. If you are hosting a relaxed graduation party, digital printing and a large photo of the graduate will make it work, and digital printing is an affordable, efficient, and high-quality printing method. 

Keep in mind the etiquette for high school graduation invitations. Send them with plenty of anticipation to give your guests enough time to schedule it. At least four weeks before, ideally six. When it comes to the wording, please keep it simple and match the language with the event's formality. Generally, high school graduations are more informal, so keep it simple and informative. Here is an example of the data you should include. 

  • Full name of the graduate.

  • Name of the high school.

  • Degree and honors.

  • Graduation Year.

  • Ceremony or party time, date, and location. 

  • Clarification of gift requirements. 

High school graduation is an important achievement. Make sure you have a keepsake to treasure such an important event in life. Personalized graduation invitations will be a constant reminder of how long you or your graduate have come.