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Traditional Graduation Announcements

When you or someone you love has such an important achievement ahead, like a high school or university graduation, you must have an announcement that suits the occasion properly. Tradition dictates that a graduation announcement should be sent to all those that care for the graduate and will be happy to hear the news. The right time to send your announcements is a little after the ceremony. The reason is that graduates have limited tickets to their ceremony. When you send the announcement after it happened, you avoid uncomfortable situations of loved ones wanting to attend. 

A traditional graduation announcement should be timeless and elegant. I prefer colors like golden, black, white, navy blue, and silver. The design does not have to be plain or boring. Customize it with a portrait. A metallic print will perfectly suit this style, and it brings a hint of shine with a subtle spark. Keep in mind that traditional announcements must be more formal than casual, avoid contractions and common abbreviations. Include important information such as:

  • Graduate full name

  • Graduation year

  • Name of the high school or university 

  • Honors and degree  

  • Date of the ceremony 

Do not forget to make it a reflection of your personality; a meaningful quote or a phrase of your own will make it extra special. Graduation announcements are not just a way to share the great news. And they can help you networking and spread the word about your wishes for the future. Paperlust allows you to customize every part of your announcement, ensuring you will have a final product exactly how you envisioned it.