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Law Graduation Announcement

Graduating from Law School takes time, hard work, and dedication. You are starting a successful career, and you should announce it with professionalism and elegance. Graduation announcements are an ideal form of spreading the word about your achievements and creating new connections. 

A Law School graduation announcement needs to be proper and formal. Paperlust offers many designs that suit your career and high-quality printing and paper to cause the correct impression in those who will receive them. 

Customize your announcement by uploading a portrait, choosing a formal design, and picking one of the many design printing options. For a Law graduate, letterpress printing will make your announcement stand out since it is a classic art that dates to the 15th century. You can combine letterpress with foil to add a metallic detail. 

Remember to include your personal information, graduation year, degree and other relevant achievements, and the ceremony's date. Keep your wording formal and concise.