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High school graduation announcements 2021/2022 | Senior graduation announcements

If you are celebrating your senior high school graduation this year, you should announce this important milestone with proper style. Customize the announcement with your favorite photo, choose the colors that better suit your graduate personality, and add your preferred wording. 

Senior high school graduation announcements are perfect opportunities to share the news with your family and loved ones while letting them know the graduate accomplishments and plans. 

You should send one to every person that has been involved in the life of the graduate. Think of those friends, family members, and teachers that were part of his life and had supported your graduate thru the years. 

Traditional high school graduation announcement features the classic information, the full name of the graduate, graduation year, name of the high school, honors, and graduation date. Styles usually keep it simple and elegant. Think of traditional colors like navy blue, black, white, and golden. 

If you are looking for a modern approach, there are many options too. In addition to the usual information, you can add a fun or meaningful phrase, perhaps a playful photo, instead of the traditional portrait. Colors and print types will also come in handy. Real foil print in a rose gold or copper tone will make your announcement stand out. 

Some other great print types are digital print and metallic. Both suits perfect a more casual style, metallic add a bit of shine without being too flashy. And if you are not a bling person, then the digital print is the ideal option for you. 

Paperlust has many different designs for you to choose from and connect to the plans of your graduate. Abstract designs, colorful, botanical-inspired, whimsical, rustic, minimalist, and luxurious, are some of the categories you can select.