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College graduation announcement 2021/2022

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment in life, and it should be properly announced to the world. If you or a loved one is finishing college soon, it is time to find a unique design to go with your style. 

A graduation announcement is typically sent after the ceremony to everyone you want to share this accomplishment with. From family and friends to teachers and mentors, it is a milestone that must be forever treasured. Sending printed graduation announcements is the most traditional and respectful form to share the news.

College graduation announcements must include the following: 

  • Full name.  

  • School name.

  • Degree.

  • Class year.

  • Location. 

  • Date.

  • Honors.

 Paperlust offers the opportunity of customizing your announcement. Start by uploading your favorite photo and adding a filter to make it extra special, then it's time to choose from a wide variety of designs, sizes, and formats. Here are some of the options we offer: 

 Design format: 

  • Photo card or Rectangle. 

 Print type

  • Digital print is the most affordable and simple option for your announcement, and it offers quality fast printing.  

  • Metallic print is an economical way to add a metallic finish to your design without being too shiny.

  • Real foil is a specialty printing that involves heat, pressure, and metallic pigment. It is ideal for a sophisticated and luxurious finish. 

  • Raised foil, this print type combines the real foil technique with a raised finish that adds texture. 

 Design Style 

 You can select modern styles that feature bold letters and a big photo. Romantic designs with flowers or greenery wreaths. And traditional graduation announcements with calligraphy and formal frames. You will find one that suits your career and personality. 


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