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Typography Engagement Invitations. Engagement Party Invitations

You look around and see all sorts of wedding invitations and notice that many of them are crawling with giant emblems, lavish florals and otherwise hefty design qualities. However, you feel as if that is too extravagant and want to go for something a little more simplified and formal. Engage the minimalist in you with contemporary typography wedding invitations by Paperlust. These wedding cards, as well as invitation cards, serve to provide the necessary information in a beautiful typeface that does not distract away from the message you wish to convey.

Even still, you may want to jazz up the engagement invites just a bit, and that is made easy when you choose from the array of design styles offered, like--vintage, rustic, simple and whimsical. There is no limit to what you can do with a typography template, and the options are all made easily accessible to you via Paperlust. Try out a number of captivating colours in the form of vibrant--green, pink, red and silver and capture your sophisticated personality in each card.

Deciding upon the sort of print type you want allows you the chance to pleasantly alter the feel of your engagement party invitations. A wide selection is available to you, such as--letterpress, metallic prints, photo card and print on wood to match the format of your card. Other types of cards are eligible to be created through Paperlust, meaning you can make--wedding invitations, save the date, thank you cards and wishing well just as beautiful as your invites.

Across Australia, we have many locations from which we operate and can cater to just about anywhere, including locations like--Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on typography cards or style advice at