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Engagement dinner invitations

An engagement dinner is your opportunity to celebrate your engagement with friends and family members. It’s one of the most common forms of engagement party, and there are a number of different forms they can take. Some people choose to host a very formal, black tie engagement dinner while others prefer to have a laid-back barbecue dinner or similar. Anything goes! 

A twist on the engagement dinner is the surprise engagement. Couples invite their friends and family to a dinner or party and then announce their engagement, allowing the event to transition into an engagement party. Of course, if you’re inviting all your family and friends to an event and insisting that it’s important they attend, they might get suspicious. 

Another popular twist is to send engagement dinner invitations and then host a surprise wedding while all your friends and family members are gathered. This can be a fun way to save money on all the celebrations and to rush along a wedding instead of waiting months or years to wed. 

Engagement dinner invitations set the scene for your engagement dinner. Is the occasion formal or casual? This should be reflected in the style of card you choose. Give guests a hint of what to expect so they can get excited and make sure they don’t miss it. Send your invites out 3-6 weeks ahead of the big day for best results with attendance, and consider sending a save the date before that if it’s very important to you that people attend, or if anyone will be travelling.

We offer a range of different engagement dinner invitations in various styles and print types for the very formal dinner, the very casual dinner, and everything in between. Some of the most popular style choices include floral engagement dinner invitations, rustic engagement dinner invitations, typographic engagement dinner invitations, and classic engagement dinner invitations. Our most popular print options are digital print (the most affordable option: standard ink on paper), real foil (in a range of colours, for added shine) and letterpress (a touch of luxury with real indent you can feel). We also offer a range of other print options including print on wood, white ink, metallic ink, raised foil, and combination prints. 

We ship engagement dinner party invitations all around Australia, and globally. We can also help you with all the other cards you need for your engagement and wedding stationery needs.