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Simple and minimalistic with a Christmas cards wreath

Although Christmas often comes with plenty of decorations, lighting, and heavy ornaments, you can have a different approach for this year's Christmas cards. A clean and minimalistic look can be achieved by selecting one of our wreath Christmas cards; imagine a cute green wreath with small shiny details or red ornaments, perhaps one as a frame for a beautiful family portrait. 

Or, if you want to make things extra unique, you can stay off the seasonal colors like green, red, and white and choose an earthy color palette for your Christmas cards. Some peachy tones with rose gold, perhaps a purple and silver combination, the sky is the limit because Paperlust allows you to add custom orders and change the color, elements, and font of an existing design. 

You will find a large selection of designs, and you can choose the printing type you prefer, like a classy flat foil or a unique white ink on color stock. You get to choose the paper, envelope color, and even a standard or custom liner to add your special touch not only on the card but also on the outside. 

If you find one of our designs to be perfect but you need a little extra space for your holiday wishes to your loved ones, add a special request for a custom backside. The customer service team is ready to help you in any stage of the process, and you can also find information regarding delivery time for each printing style and minimums.