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Stunning unique Christmas cards to impress your friends and family

Christmas cards are almost always traditional with colors like white, red, and green. Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and religious images are some of the most common designs. But if you feel like doing something unique and out of the box, we are here to help you and deliver some truly unique Christmas cards. 

A Christmas card can still be joyful and fun without the characteristic elements of the season. Perhaps you are more into the grey tones or earthy color palettes; you can add a figure like a pine tree or some ornaments but keep it minimalistic. A dark green stock combined with metallic or white ink would also do the job without being typical. 

The fun part about thinking outside the box is you get to portrait your personality, and those who receive a card from your family will most likely be impressed. Minimalistic designs are beautiful too, with a beautiful photo of your family or tiny figures as decoration in the background. If our current designs are not what you look for, there is always the chance to request a custom order and do exactly what you envision. 

Print type can make your Christmas cards unique too, with fine details like dark color stock with white ink and a photo, or the classic and elegant flat foil with simple stock and a cute photo of your family. Digital printing is efficient and affordable, and you can print simple designs with high quality while staying within budget. 

Your Christmas card cannot be complete without the perfect envelope, and Paperlust has a wide selection of paper and colors for you to cause the right impression even before they see your unique Christmas card. Liners are available, from standard to custom.