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Snowglobe Christmas cards by Paperlust

We all had that moment as kids when we found a snow globe at grandmas' house or in our own home and simply stared at it for hours, watching how the snow fell each time you turned it upside down; it was pure magic. For many families, snow globes are a tradition, and they even collect them. 

You can send the magic of snow globes along with your Christmas cards, and Paperlust has just the right designs for you to choose from. Please browse through our selection of snow globe Christmas cards, and once you have a winner is time to personalize it. With the editing tool, you get to customize the wording, including your greeting and wishes for the season. You can also drag, drop, and resize some elements. You can add a special request for a larger personalization and change the color, font, add or delete elements. 

Creating your design is always a possibility; by adding a custom order, you will work with our design team to achieve the result you have in mind; it could be a sketch you have been working on or a fully finished design. 

And if you want to cause a stunning impression on your loved ones, you can choose an envelope that goes perfectly with your snow globe Christmas card; Paperlust offers many colors and paper types for you to choose from, along with standard and custom liners.