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Pretty snowflake christmas cards for this season

Have you seen how magical snowflakes are? With unique patterns and shapes, they are one of the protagonists of holiday decorations; you can find them as ornaments for the Christmas tree, as lights, and of course, as the design of your Christmas cards. Paperlust has a large selection of snowflakes Christmas cards for you to choose from.

Ordering your Christmas cards online with Paperlust is easy, and you will find many options to personalize every design available. First, you need to find the right design or create one by requesting a custom order. Then you can customize the text with the editing tool; drag, drop and resize elements are also possible. 

If you need extra space to write, you can add a special request to incorporate a custom backside with all your best wishes. A special request works to change the font, color, or elements from an existing design. And you can even upload a photo to make your snowflake Christmas card one of a kind. 

Throughout the ordering process, you will find out how easy it is to complete your order, but you can always contact the customer service team if you have any questions. Our FAQ page has many answers regarding minimum orders and delivery time for the printing type you choose.