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Simple Christmas cards bring classic and minimalist looks

Simplicity is often the answer when you don't know which design to choose for your upcoming Christmas cards. Because less might be more, especially if you choose one of the many designs we offer at Paperlust. Finding the right phrase to warm the hearts of your loved ones is also important to complement your simple Christmas cards. 


Personalizing Simple Christmas Cards

Sometimes it only takes a beautiful ornament, a red nose reindeer, or a gift frame for your family portrait to make a Christmas card unique and amazing. Paperlust offers you the opportunity to upload a photo and add a filter; just like in social media, you can personalize the wording with the editing tool to send a unique message to your family and friends. 

Simple Christmas cards are all about the tiny details; choose the printing type that suits your design best. For example, you can go for an all-time classic and select letterpress for your cards or choose the shiny finish of flat foil, foil stamp, and metallic printing. But if you want a simple design, digital printing is the best way to go. 

Minimalist Christmas cards can be greatly complemented by unique envelopes made from different paper types and beautiful colors. Your envelope liners are a cool way to add some detail to your simple Christmas cards; Paperlust offers standard and custom liners for your convenience. And on top of all the time and money you can save by ordering online with Paperlust, there is an option to print the recipient and remittent address, so you don't have to do it.  


The Production timeline

To find all about production times, you can check our FAQ page; keep in mind minimums and delivery times depend on the printing style you choose. Paperlust ships worldwide, and shipping is free when you order over $300.00 USD, and it will only take 2 to 4 working days to arrive at your door once it ships.