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Santa Christmas cards by Paperlust

Christmas cards are the best way to send your friends, family, and even coworkers a warm wish for the holiday season. And what is more Christmassy than acute and fluffy Santa Claus? When we think about this season of the year, no other image automatically comes to our mind. Luckily for you, Paperlust has so many options for your Santa Christmas card you will not even know which one to choose. 

Imagine a chubby Santa on the main site of your Christmas cards for the year, or how about one where he is flying through the skies on his sleight. Colors like red, white, and green are some of the typical for the occasion, but you can always change it up, adding a hint of metallic like gold or silver. Let your creativity loose and customize your cards to make them extra special this time. 


Personalize Your Own Message In Our Editing Tool

Paperlust has an easy-to-use tool for that purpose; you can change the wording to match your wishes for the season and resize elements with the editing tool. A special request helps you change the colors, font and even add a backside to include all the words you need to express. Sending your wishes on a Christmas card is such a traditional and thoughtful idea, your loved ones will enjoy, and here are some samples of the wishes you can include. 

  • Have a sparkly Christmas, full of love, joy, and tender moments with your family and friends. 

  • Christmas is not about opening presents but opening our hearts to let our friends and family know how much they are appreciated and loved.  

  • Dear Santa, all I wish for Christmas this year is for the person reading this card to have a joyful and love-filled holiday season. And may the next year brings nothing but a blessing for its life.