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Lovely romantic Christmas cards for family and loved ones

Christmas time is a season when you can feel love in the air, families gather, and romance is all around. If you are someone known to be romantic and full of love, your Christmas cards can reflect it. Imagine a beautiful design for this year's Christmas cards, like a couple of snowmen hugging or a couple cuddling inside a Christmas bubble.  

Romance can also be portrayed with a photo of your family or you with your partner; when you choose a design from Paperlust, you can upload a photo and add a filter. Your card will be unique because you can personalize the wording and other elements such as the color and font with a special request. 


Romantic Wish Ideas for Christmas

Romantic Christmas cards can also be the perfect way to send your wishes and let that special someone know how much you love them. Here are some cute and romantic lines to help you gather inspiration for that special and romantic Christmas card. 


  • I finished my letter to Santa; I hope I get you for Christmas. 

  • Meet me under the mistletoe. 

  • This year I won't ask for presents, I already have you. 

  • I thank you for lighting up my life, bringing hope to my heart, and being here for Christmas eve. 

  • You are the merry to my Christmas.


Once you have your card personalized, it is time for our team to start working on your order. And if you have any questions during the editing or purchase process, don't hesitate to contact the customer service team, who will be glad to help you. Plus, when purchasing your romantic Christmas cards through Paperlust, you help the environment because, with every purchase, a portion is donated to plant a tree.