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Music Christmas cards for the music lover

Musical notes are beautiful to look at, and you can find many designs with them included for a traditional and classic Christmas card. From Christmas trees made of them to beautifully decorated notes. If you are into music, perhaps a musician yourself, or if you wish to add a hint of sophistication. 


Customizing Your Chosen Design

Please browse through the many designs Paperlust offers for you, choose the winner, and start customizing the wording with our easy-to-use editing tool. Customizing does not stop with design and words; you can change the elements, colors, and font. Choose the perfect paper type from the variety we offer, and if you are feeling unsure about which one is right for you, you can order a sample before buying bulk. 

To finish your Christmas card, it is important to choose the right envelope because it causes the first impression. You will find many options of colors and paper type along with a selection of standard and custom liners to give them a finishing touch.