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Trendy modern Christmas cards in this season

Are you looking for a modern design to send your family, friends, and coworkers a one-of-a-kind Christmas card? Look no further; Paperlust offers you the opportunity to send modern-looking cards and personalize every bit of them with simple steps you can take from home. 


Personalizing The Modern Christmas Cards

Start browsing through our modern Christmas cards, and you will find frames in shapes like a Christmas tree, an arch, ornaments, and even modern art-inspired figures. You can upload your favorite photo and add a filter just like you do on social media to make it perfect for the design. 

After finding the right design, it is time to continue with the personalization process and change the wording of our design with the editing tool; you can add a phrase you love, your wishes for the season and the whole year, or your family name. A special request can help you change the font, color and add or delete elements of a current design. 


Get Creative With Your Own Design

Creating a design from scratch is a possibility when you submit a custom order; our design team will work with you to make your idea a reality or print the design you already have for your modern Christmas cards. And to top your custom-made cards, you can choose from a variety of envelope colors and materials; standard and custom liners are available too. 

With Paperlust, you can also choose the type of card you prefer, such as a single or folded Christmas card. You can add a custom backside to your single modern Christmas card and include all the words you need. And folded Christmas cards are a cool way to keep it classic while having a modern design. Possibilities are endless, and our customer service team is always available to help you with any question that might come up.