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Minimalist Christmas cards by Paperlust

Minimalism is more than a decoration style; it is a lifestyle. If you are into minimalism and you like to keep things simple, you will be happy to find out about the variety of designs we offer at Paperlust for your minimalist Christmas cards. Your cards can match not only the rest of your home but also your entire lifestyle. 

Imagine a white background with only a couple of Christmas-related elements like stars or gift bows; you can complement the simplicity of the design with a beautiful family portrait and a well-chosen envelope. Minimalist designs are available for those who love their pets, from cats to dogs; a cool design is always waiting for you to personalize it. 


Customizing The Minimalist Christmas Cards

Once you find the right design, it is time to customize the wording; with the editing tool being simple, you can choose to keep the good wishes written within each card or simply add your thoughts. The editing tool works to change the size of the elements and even move them. 

Bigger changes are available when you add a special request; you will be able to change the color, font, and elements of an existing design. Our team can also work with you to create a design from scratch; you can send a design you have ready or talk with them about an idea you have in mind; all you need to do is request a custom order.