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Funny Christmas cards for this season

Sending out Christmas cards seems to be one of those traditions that has stood the test of time. Some do it for the sentimental value of having their family photo on loved ones’ fridges, some enjoy stringing together a few poetic sentences to let everyone in their life know that they’re thinking of them. And some people, yourself included, see it as an opportunity to give their friends a good laugh. After all, isn’t joy what Christmas is all about?

Funny Christmas cards are a great way to put a little personality into your season’s greetings. You may be looking for funny Christmas puns, funny Christmas poems,funny Christmas quotes or even funny Christmas cartoons (especially great if you’ve got young kids) to brighten up this Christmas season. If you’re creative you could even write your own pun, or design a completely unique card and get Paperlust to print it

A funny Christmas card can help your loved ones destress and crack a smile during what can often be a hectic time. Christmas can easily become a frantic frenzy to get everything in order before the big day, and a little humour can go a long way. If you’re into Christmas humour but not silly and funny Christmas card messages, why not consider some witty Christmas quotes, or even a Christmas riddle to get your friends thinking? Creating your own quote or riddle could be a fun activity for you and your family and it will briefly help to take your friends’ minds off guest lists and present ideas. 

Funny xmas cards can also be a way to break the ice in a new school, neighbourhood or office environment, but beware that not everyone shares the same taste in humour and you don’t want to offend anyone. Unless you really know your audience, avoid anything crude or with religious or political connotations. Crowd pleasers could be puns, pets saying or doing cute things, or gimmicks involving Santa or any of his reindeer.

If you are looking for unique designs for your funny Christmas wishes this year, Paperlust offers an eclectic range of designs that you won’t find featured on any other website. You can find reindeer, gingerbread men, Santa jokes, snow globes, candy canes and more right at your fingertips and the best part is that each design is fully customisable. Unleash your inner creative as you experiment with our online design tool to create a funny merry Christmas greeting that is uniquely you. 

If a funny Christmas photo sounds good to you, consider creating your own Christmas meme and inputting the image into one of our Christmas card templates - you know best what will get your friends chuckling. You could also snap some funny Christmas pics of your family (role playing Santa and his reindeer, for example) and think of creative ways to make people laugh. Why waste time searching ‘Christmas images funny’ for used up ideas when you could start from scratch and amaze your friends with your own creation?

These amazing designs are made locally in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Christchurch, so if supporting emerging artists and local businesses is important to you then you will love our ethos at Paperlust. We provide a platform for designers get their name and work out there and you can choose a Merry Christmas funny design that is truly Australian made and produced.

If words are your thing, then you may want to spread the love with some funny xmas messages or funny xmas quotes. Whether your friends find Christmas quotes funny or not, they will still appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in delivering an original Christmas card. A funny Christmas message doesn’t have to be a joke or pun. If you have a more literary bent, you could incorporate a humorous poem or rhyme into your greeting card. Funny Christmas sayings are very personal, so as long as you know it won’t rub anyone up the wrong way, just go with what you find funny. In the end, it’s the thought that counts.

Funny Christmas greetings are a classic way to package up the joy of the season and post it off to those you love most. Funny Christmas messages can help you stand out from the pile of Christmas cards in the letter box and show that you enjoy sending out greetings (you aren’t just doing it out of obligation) and know that humorous cards are all about making Christmas funny. Remember, ‘tis the season to be merry!

Christmas is a season related to joy; it is a time when families gather to celebrate and share a moment. But it doesn't have to be all that serious, especially when you are a family known for being the soul of the party and funny as no one else. You can choose one of the many designs Paperlust has for your funny family Christmas cards and personalize it to be the most memorable. 

Imagine a funny phrase, your beloved cat or dog, or a family photo as the main image. With the Paperlust design tool, you get to personalize the card by adding your names, funny wording, and your best wishes. You can also resize, drag, and drop elements, and if you wish to change the colors or font, it is always possible by adding a special request. 

You can even make special combinations by choosing the print type you prefer, like shiny metallic, the classic flat foil, or the versatile digital printing; it all depends on your needs and style. Envelopes are also customizable with different colors and paper types, and you can add a custom liner to make them extra special. 

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spread love and happiness amongst those you love. Providing a funny moment will be priceless, so don't hesitate and make this year's card a special one; trust us, everyone will appreciate a good laugh.