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Family Christmas Cards from Paperlust

Want to include your whole family in the Christmas card this year? Family Christmas cards are a wonderful tradition that lets people know you are thinking of them and choosing photo Christmas cards gives you a chance to give relatives a recent photo of your kids (and possibly pets) as well as an update on what’s been happening in the life of your family.

Whether you go for serious or funny family Christmas cards, they are a great excuse to get everyone spending some time together during the holiday season. When thinking of family Christmas card ideas, remember to include your kids in the decision, and make sure that the actual photoshoot doesn’t take too long. There is no quicker way to produce crying toddlers or disgruntled teenagers than to have a long, drawn out photography session where the direction is not clear. Your kids are far more likely to be on board with a theme they helped pick and incorporating humour is a fantastic way to get everyone laughing on the cover of your family Christmas card. 

Christmas family photos don’t necessarily have to have a holiday theme. If you are struggling for family Christmas card ideas or are worried that your children won’t sit through a professional photoshoot, why not pick the best family photo from the year and plug it into one of our Christmas designs? You can customise it as much as you like using our online design tool, and with a personal photo, we can guarantee that your Christmas card will be unique.

Family is the most important thing so you want to make sure that every member is represented. If you have young children, you may want to get them to draw a picture of what Christmas means to them and get our team at Paperlust to print your design. If you’re a design conscious parent and that idea makes you break out in a cold sweat, but you still want something totally unique, then why not ask one of our designers to create a personalised design from scratch?

If you are working from a smartphone or just having trouble making the changes you want on your browser, leave a design request note when you checkout and and our designers will make the necessary changes. Don’t worry! We will wait for your final approval before going to print to make sure you get exactly what you have imagined. 

If your ‘babies’ are your pets, you could definitely still incorporate a family portrait into one of our designs and show plenty of personality. Who wouldn’t love to see a puppy with a santa hat on or a cat with reindeer ears perched at the front of a family Christmas card? You could even have a series of photos of your pet getting up to cute and funny holiday activities. You’re only limited by your creativity!