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Celebrate Holiday with cute dog Christmas cards

Are you a puppy lover? Or perhaps you have a large family mainly composed of little angels on Earth called dogs. If that's right, we have just the perfect idea for your upcoming Christmas season. Just imagine you and your partner seated in front of the Christmas tree with your matching outfits and your perfect dog smiling at the camera. And how about ditching the classic Christmas portrait and capturing your dog being adorable to upload a photo and add a filter. 


What To Write on Dog Christmas Cards

Paperlust has many designs for your dog's Christmas card. It is not only about a photo with your puppy, but your wording can also be related; here are some cool ideas for you to gather inspiration and customize the wording with the editing tool. 

- Happy holidays from the _____ pack. 

- The 12 dogs of Christmas (and add 12 photos of your silly dog and its multiple poses) 

- Holy night, we hope you are merry and bright, and we wish you a peaceful celebration. 

- Have a holly jolly Christmas, from our pack to yours. 


The Print Type Selection

Once you have the right design and shoot the perfect photo to upload and customize your Christmas card, it is time to select the printing type. Choose the budget-friendly and high-quality digital printing for a colorful card. Prefer a flat foil or metallic printing if shiny finishes are your thing. 


Customizing The Envelope

A colorful envelope and standard or custom liner could make the difference between a regular card and a beautiful one. Imagine a burgundy envelope with a gold leaf liner, along with your metallic or flat foil print type. Paperlust can even make things easier for you by adding the addresses to each envelope.