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Classy and elegant looks with black and white Christmas cards

Black and white is a synonym of class and elegance; there is no way to go wrong when you choose black and white in many portions of life. Think about décor, photography, and even clothing. Black is the best way to get it right, and white is the faithful companion that makes it stand out. 

If you are not into colorful Christmas cards with the typical red, green, and white designs, or perhaps a huge Santa, black and white Christmas cards are the best way to go. Paperlust has many designs for you to choose and you can customize each of them; if you like the design just the way it is, you can simply upload your photo or change the wording with the editing tool. 

Personalizing The Black And White Christmas Cards

A special request is good to change the font style or if some of the elements need to be moved, added, or discarded. It also helps you to add a custom backside. To create a design from zero, you can request a custom order and work with our design team to make a one-of-a-kind black and white Christmas card.

Paperlust has a wide selection of paper and envelopes for you. The paper type you choose and the envelope can make a big difference between store-bought Christmas cards and customized ones. And if you are uncertain about the printing style, paper, or envelope, you can always request a sample to get a feel of the quality of our work.