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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Girl Christening Invitations

Your beautiful little girl came into this world, and filled your heart with absolute joy! Now her Christening is coming up and you need the perfect invitation to invite your family and friends to take part in this incredible, blessing filled event. For the perfect invitation to your little princess’ first big life event, look no further than this amazing collection of designs floral baptism invitations, beautiful christening invitations, cute baptism cards and unique christening cards and products rsvp cards, wedding maps, baby shower thank you cards and greeting cards from Paperlust.

From simple to complex, fun and funky to gorgeous and elegant, you’ll definitely find the perfect Girl Christening Invitation here at Paperlust. Offered in a wide variety of colour templates multi colored, gold, purple and yellow, you won’t have to choose from just white or pink colours, and with so many different available types of print like the letterpress, metallic prints, print on wood and white ink, you can truly customize your invitation to your event. When you combine our great selection with the fact that these are all created locally in places such as Australia, Melbourne, Canberra and Newcastle, there is truly no better choice for your baby girl’s day. 

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