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Pink And Gold Bridal Shower Invitations

There are no better colors for a romantic bridal shower than pink and gold; they reflect femininity and elegance. They suit well a formal or casual event, whether celebrated in daytime or evening, you can adapt the decoration to match the formality of your event. Elements like flowers, butterflies, and sparks will look beautiful in those colors, and you can combine them with white stock. 

Ordering online with Paperlust will make your life simple; you only need to browse thru our designs, choose the one you love, and use our editing tool to customize the wording. If you wish to change elements, colors, or fonts, you can add a special request for our team to work on it and send you a design accordingly. If you wish to have unique and fully customized pink and gold bridal shower invitations, you can request a custom order, and our team will gladly accommodate your request. 

Gold elements are suitable for printing styles such as foil and metallic. The foil will provide a bright shine and luxurious finish. We have a metallic print for a less shiny alternative; it has a gold color without the associated price and shine of real foil.