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Cheap bridal shower invitations

Sometimes you’re working on a tighter budget than you’d like, especially when it comes time to plan your bridal shower. With an entire wedding to pay for and all the other events and expenses around that, you might not have a lot to spend on this smaller event. In that case, cheap bridal shower invitations are the way to go. Luckily, cheap doesn’t have to mean sub-standard! We offer top quality designs you will love at prices that mean you can afford to fall in love with them. 

The best way to get cheap bridal shower invitations is to choose standard digital print invites. Options like letterpress and real foil are eye-catching but expensive, while digital print (standard ink on paper) is affordable. Other more affordable print options include white ink and metallic ink. It’s always better to choose a simple print type done to a high standard than to fall into false promises of premium print types done at unrealistic prices that will not meet your expectations. 

When it comes to choosing cheap bridal shower invitations, your best option is to find a reputable company (like Paperlust!) and select one of their cheapest offerings. A company like this has high standards of quality and a reputation to uphold, so even their cheapest paper and ink will be of certain standard. They also offer a premium customer service experience and fast shipping, to make sure everything is great from start to finish. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing cheap listings with hidden costs to all-inclusive, up-front prices. 

At Paperlust we offer free shipping anywhere around Australia and in select countries internationally, to help save you money. We also provide premium envelopes as a complimentary inclusion with your order. These extras are a huge bonus to anyone working on a tight budget.

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