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Beach bridal shower invitations

If you love the sun, surf and sand, consider a beach-themed bridal shower to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Whether you actually celebrate on a beach, in a cafe or restaurant with a view of the ocean, or just at home with beach-themed decorations, we have beach bridal shower invitations to help you celebrate your way. 

There are a lot of things that can contribute to the feel of beach bridal shower invitations. You might choose a yellow and blue colour palette, or a blue and silver colour palette for something less tropical. A blue watercolour wash is the perfect representation of the ocean, but lines can also resemble waves in a completely different way. Other popular design motifs for beach bridal shower invitations include suns, palm trees, beach huts, beach balls or floatation rings, beach umbrellas, towels, and even boats and similar. 

Our beach bridal shower invitations come in a range of print styles, including affordable digital print, luxe letterpress and real foil, photo cards and different types of ink including white ink and metallic ink. We also offer a number of different paper options including linen stock, a shiny coated stock and kraft paper. This range lets you find something perfect for your beachy event.

For brides who are easy-going, relaxed, and enjoy the summer days on the beach, a beach-themed bridal shower invitation will suit perfectly. Beach themes are ideal for summer bridal showers; you can host it indoors, adding the right decoration to make it feel like you are having a beach day. And if you can celebrate right on the beach, décor will be much easier. 

Beach theme bridal showers are usually casual gatherings, but you can always make it more formal by adding certain decorative elements; for example, you can include a metallic color within your invitations and décor. Make sure you match the wording of your invitations with the formality of the event. 

Paperlust has many designs to suit your beach bridal shower. You can choose one and personalize the wording adding all the important details such as the date, time, location, and registry information. If you wish to change elements, color, and fonts, you can add a special request, and our design team will accommodate your order. For bigger changes within one of our designs, you can request a custom order and work with our team to achieve the version you prefer. 

We offer more than design customization; you can choose the paper type, envelope, and printing type. Some of the available options are digital, letterpress, and real foil. If you plan a bridal shower on a tight budget, our advice is to choose digital printing, our most efficient and affordable option. You can also save 15% by ordering three items. Plus, Paperlust ships globally and free on any order over $300.00 USD.