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Kids Birthday Invitations

Kids birthday invitations are some of the most fun pieces of stationery to choose, since they tend to be colourful, cute and a whole lot of fun. Of course, children's invitations can also feature sophisticated and beautiful designs that you’ll want for yourself! 


Choosing kids birthday invitations

There are a number of ways to browse and choose kids birthday invitations, to make sure they match your other plans for the event. Some of the most popular things to consider and ways to browse include:


By theme

If you have a kids birthday party theme chosen, you should make sure your invitation matches it. This sets the tone for the event from the very beginning. Popular kids birthday party themes include:

  • Animal themed

  • Fairies, princesses or mermaid themed

  • Themed around characters from books, tv or movies

  • Superheroes themed

  • Beach or under the sea themed

  • Numbers or letters themed

There are all sorts of other themes to choose from. If you’re stuck and looking for kids birthday party ideas and kids birthday party themes, check out our ultimate list of birthday themes for a kids party or for adult parties. 


By colour palette

No matter what theme you have planned, colour palette is what really ties everything together for your kids birthday party. Use the same set of colours from your kids party invitations to your party decor and for other bits and pieces in between to keep it all together. You might use one colour in different shades (e.g. green everything!) or use a combination (e.g. blush and navy blue), and you may pick the colour based on your kid’s favourite colour or on the theme you have chosen. For example, a beach-themed birthday party might call for blues and yellows, while a space-themed party might be best with a black, white and silver colour combination. 


By gender

Traditionally girly or masculine birthday parties are extremely popular for little kids. If you’ve got a little girl who loves all things feminine, you might be looking for girls invites with lots of pink and florals, along with lace, ruffles and bows. For little boys invites, you might be considering lots of blue and green, geometric designs and motifs like tools, construction, dinosaurs and similar things. This gendered approach isn’t for everybody, but it can be a dream come true for the right child!


By print type

From a simple, affordable digital print to a lavish letterpress and real foil combination print, your choice of print type can make all the difference to your kids invitations. Choose your print type based on aesthetics and on your budget, and you won’t go wrong. Popular options include foil, letterpress, raised foil, print on wood, white ink, metallic ink, and photo cards. 


Personalised kids birthday invitations

Personalised kids invitations are perfect for making the day all about them. If you find the perfect invite design but it’s not in the right colour or you want to move some things around or change the font choice, we make it easy for you at Paperlust. Our on site design tool allows you to drag and drop, moving things around and seeing how they look in real time. For more personalisation, ask our support team for further changes, or have our designers create a completely personalised birthday invitation from scratch. This is perfect if you’ve got big kids birthday party ideas that you want your invitations to match. If you are after something like  wiggles party invitations then get in contact with our custom design team.


Kids invitation templates

If you’re planning a kids birthday party on a tight budget, you might consider finding kids birthday invitation templates online and printing them yourself at home. There are both paid and free options around the internet that let you fill in your own information and then print. Is this a good option for you? It can be, but it’s a good idea to make sure you weigh up all the pros and cons before you make your decision. 

Remember to factor in the cost of ink, paper and envelopes, as well as the time required to print the invitations. Give yourself a buffer in case of any errors in printing. It’s also worth considering that the range of designs available as free templates online is much smaller than if you are ordering from a stationery company, so be prepared to compromise on style. You also will give up the option for premium printing options like real foil or letterpress, which need specialised equipment. If you’ve considered all these things but can’t go past the savings in your budget, that’s totally fine! We even offer some free birthday invitation templates online here at Paperlust.