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Joint Birthday Invitations

Birthdays are the most fun when they’re celebrated with the people you love and care about most. So, when you have the chance to throw a joint birthday party, whether it’s because they’re a multiple like twins or triplets or have a sibling or close friend they want to share the celebration with or more, it’s an opportunity to have as much fun as possible with as many people as possible. Invite your crowd of guests to your soiree with ease when you choose any one of our incredible designs, from vintage to rustic or modern styles, for your joint party invitation from Paperlust.


Paperlust has the perfect joint birthday party, or any party, invitation for your big event.

Created by amazing artists from all over Australia, from Brisbane to Sydney and beyond, any one of our joint birthday party invitations, and other types of joint party invitations, are sure to be just what you need. Simply browse through our wonderful selection of joint birthday party invitations and you’ll easily find at least one design that fits the combination of fun that your party is sure to be.


With a multitude of available invites, from joint birthday party invitation for adults to joint birthday party invitations for kids; your invitation needs are taken care of easily by Paperlust.

It doesn’t matter whether you need a joint birthday party invitation for adults or a joint birthday party invitation for kids, or both, Paperlust has a design you’ll fall in love with; especially once you’ve customized it to your guests of honor. Plus, here at Paperlust you can also take your favorite design and use it for other birthday stationary products, like rsvp cards and thank you cards, so your theme truly runs from the beginning of your party to the end.


Here at Paperlust you can personalize your joint party invitation from top to bottom; colors, print, and even your joint birthday party invitation wording.

Don’t just take our selection at face value; if there’s a design you like but you need to tweak it to your party, you can do that with ease here at Paperlust. Choose your colour, with options from black to gold and tons of colors in between, then pick your favorite print type, from letterpress to real foil or having your design printed on wood; the possibilities and combinations are nearly endless. You can even get help with your joint birthday party invitation wording; let Paperlust take care of everything for you and get the perfect invitation from us.