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Adult Birthday Invitations. Birthday Invitations for Adults

There’s nothing like that special time of year when your friends and family members come together to celebrate your birthday. For a day or two each year, it’s all about you! Planning your birthday party is all part of the fun. One of the first things you’ll choose when planning your birthday celebrations is your stationery, but adult birthday invitations can be tough to find among a sea of invites for kids! If you’re looking for something a little more mature, we can help. 

There’s no one style that characterises adult birthday invitations. They don’t have to be boring or generic! In general, though, adults don’t want cartoon characters or movie characters, childish bright primary colours and patterns, or anything like that. You might still look for bold colours or fun design, but you will probably go past anything ‘juvenile’. 

Some of the most popular print types for adult birthday invitations include real foil stamping, letterpress, raised foil and white ink. These premium print types just scream luxury and refinement: everything a lot of people want to embody as an adult. Of course, if you wanna keep it casual, that’s totally fine as well! Getting to choose how you do things is the best part of being an adult, and your birthday should be no exception. 

Some of the most popular styles of adult birthday invitations include:

  • Geometric birthday invitations

  • Floral birthday invitations

  • Minimalist birthday invitations

  • Vintage birthday invitations

  • Rustic birthday invitations

  • Watercolour birthday invitations

There’s no rules that you have to like any of these styles, of course, but these might be some good places to start your search if you’re looking for birthday invitation ideas. 

Whether you’re turning eighteen or eighty, there are invitations for you available here. We believe every age is special and deserves to be celebrated.

Once you’ve got your birthday invitations sorted, we can help you find all the other stationery cards you might need for your party, including RSVP cards, gift cards, menu cards and thank you cards. Extra cards is one thing that tends to set adult birthday invitations apart from kids birthday invitations: a classy invitation set is a world away from your standard one-page kids invite. With a full set you’ll be able to keep everything in order from start to finish, and all in the premium style you love. 

With Paperlust’s unique on site editing tool, you’re in the driver’s seat. You get to make changes and see how they look in real time, choosing from available colour palettes, moving around design elements and altering text (edit both the information and the size and colour of the font). 

Every purchase from Paperlust supports independent local designers, which is great news for design lovers! Not only do you get stunning invites, but you get to show your love for the Aussie creative industry.

We ship everywhere within Australia, and around the world, so it’s easy and accessible to shop with us, wherever you are.