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5th birthday invitations

Turning 5 is an exciting milestone for kids. It’s around the time most kids start school, so people often see it as the ‘official’ end of the toddler and early childhood stage of life, which makes ‘five’ sound so much older than ‘four’! At five, kids are likely to have same-age friends to invite for a party, and they’re old enough to understand what’s going on when a party is thrown in their honour and to enjoy it in a whole new way, compared with their younger years. That makes it so much more fun to plan a big party for them! We know a great 5th birthday party starts with the perfect 5th birthday invitations. 

A great 5th birthday invitation should express the personality and interests of the new five-year-old. If they love playing with dolls or pretending to be a princess, you might choose a type of invitation that reflects that interest. If they love sport or cars or playing with army men, you might choose something that is more in line with these things. Often, this will also work perfectly with the theme of the party, since the theme is usually chosen with the child’s interests in mind. It’s entirely up to you how literally you take this inspiration from their interests: you could literally have a castle or a doll on their 5th birthday invitations, or you could simply choose pink, sparkly invites that have a similar feel. 

Browse Paperlust to find the perfect 5th birthday invitations for your child. We have designs and styles to suit every party, in a range of premium print types, so you’re bound to find something that works for you. Can’t find something that’s exactly right? Ask us about our custom design service to create something completely unique for your event.