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12th birthday invitations

Turning 12 is so exciting, for boys and girls alike. It’s the last stop before the teen years, and usually coincides with the transition from primary school to secondary school. The age of 12 also has significance in certain customs and traditions: for most Jewish girls, Bat Mitzvah happens at 12, marking their coming of age and transition into moral responsibility. Whatever the meaning to you, 12 is an age to celebrate! Kick your celebrations off right with stunning 12th birthday invitations from Paperlust.

Choose from our collection of boys and girls 12th birthday invitations in a range of styles including floral birthday invitations, geometric birthday invitations, animal birthday invitations, and any other style you’re looking for. All our designs are completely customisable to make sure they suit your needs exactly. Can’t find something that’s right for you? Check out our custom design service and we’ll create something completely unique for you from scratch. 

All our designs come from some of the best independent designers around Australia, and ship around the nation and internationally. 

If you’re looking specifically for Bat Mitzvah invitations, be sure to check out our great range to find something that’s right for your celebrations.