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10th birthday invitations

Turning 10 is an exciting milestone for kids. Double digits! It’s the final couple of years before high school and being a teenager, and means you’ve been on the planet for an entire decade. That’s worth celebrating! A fun 10th birthday party starts with the right choice of 10th birthday invitations, and you’re in the right place for that. 

Your choice of 10th birthday invitation gives guests a sneak peek of what is to come at the party. In addition to giving everyone the vital information (date, time, venue), it lets you establish the theme of the party, the level of formality, and the general ‘feel’. 

Your choice of style for your 10th birthday party invitations can be one of the most important factors in communicating theme with your guests. Some of the most popular choices include animal birthday invitations, superhero birthday invitations, and invitations based on popular books, movies, tv shows and video games, or characters from them. Your choice should usually be based on the personality and interests of your child (and their friends). 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect 10th birthday invitations, you can select the right print type for you. This will depend on your taste, the style of the party, your budget, and the amount of time you can allow for printing and delivery of your invites. A basic digital print invite will be cheaper and will be printed faster than a premium print type such as real foil or letterpress, but you can’t go past these for eye-catching style!