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Woodland Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers are beautiful celebrations of life. If you have not chosen a theme and are looking for something neutral and nature-related, a woodland theme is for you. Woodland invitations involve images like trees, greenery garlands, wood, bears, squirrels, raccoons, red fox, and deer. Woodland theme can suit every gender; if you want to make it more feminine, you can add blush tones and flowers. For a neutral look, green and brown will suit nicely. 

When you order woodland theme baby shower invitations online thru Paperlust, you can change the wording and personalize it according to the style of your celebration. For example, if you are organizing a formal baby shower, you can let your guests know by adding phrases like "We will be honored with your presence to enjoy a high tea baby shower." And for a casual gathering, you can add, "We are hosting a fun and small barbeque to celebrate the arrival of our baby." 

Your woodland baby shower invitations should include some important details like the following: 

  • Date and time of the celebration. 

  • Address. 

  • Name of the mother and, if you want, the name of the baby. 

  • If you want, add the gender of the baby. 

  • Include the month you are expecting your baby to arrive (this will be important for those who want to gift your clothing, they will know if you are expecting a summer or winter baby) 

  • Finally, add your registry details. 

Plus, you can customize many details such as the printing type, move or resize elements, and add thank you cards after the baby shower. Just keep track of who gifts you what. Then, you can assign someone to help you do it. Finally, order your woodland baby shower invitations timely so that you can mail them at least six weeks before your event.