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Bear Baby Shower Invitations

A classic baby shower theme, teddy bears. It suits either gender beautifully, or you will not break your head thinking about cute ways to decorate your baby shower venue. You can place medium-sized teddy bears as centerpieces, and you can even include flowers or balloons. A giant teddy bear for your photo backdrop would be adorable, and everyone can take pictures with you in the most magical setting. 

Once you have the ideal decoration items, it is time to look for the perfect invitations. Paperlust can help you with one of the many teddy bear baby shower invitations available. You can customize details such as color and font style, even resize elements with our editing tool. And if you wish to make more changes, you can work with our design team and make a custom order. 

A baby shower invitation should be sent 4 to 6 weeks before your event. You should order them at least two months in advance. Include relevant information such as the location, date, time, and registry details for your guests to know what you need for your baby's arrival. You can also let them know you do not need gifts, and you would appreciate their presence only. Incorporate phrases like "we are fortunate to say our baby has everything he needs; our only wish is for you to come and celebrate with us his arrival."