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Simple Baby Shower Cards

Just because you’re having, or throwing, a baby shower doesn’t mean you have to send your potential guests an invitation covered with bows and teddy bears. Sometimes you just want a simple, bear-free design that gives your guests the information they need without all the excessive cutesy style. For those of you who prefer this basic style, choose one of these elegant designs, like the cute baby shower invitations, sweet baby shower invitations, custom baby shower cards and personalised baby shower invites, and send the perfect Simple Baby Shower Card from Paperlust for you. The simplicity continues through other products here at Paperlust as well, such as the wedding invitations, rsvp cards, christmas cards and birthday invitations too, so it’s a one stop shop for your baby shower stationary.

Created locally in Australia for your convenience, choosing one of these nice, Simple Baby Shower Cards is just a few clicks away. And with just a few more clicks you can personalize any of our Simple Baby Shower Card designs just the way you like it too! Browse our incredible selection of colours black baby shower invitations, blue baby shower invitations, green baby shower invites and yellow baby shower cards, and then alter the print your information is presented in digital cards, letterpress, foil stamped and print on wood until it’s the perfect Simple Baby Shower Card for you and your party.