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Sailor Baby Shower Invitations

You should have sailor-themed baby shower invitations if you are into nautical elements such as anchors, boats, and sailor suits. Colors like navy blue, red, and white are characteristic of this theme. You can also add stripes or dots to make it more unique phrases like the following suit well a sailor-themed invitation.Β 

  • Baby on board.Β 

  • Ahoy, it is a boy!Β 

Once you choose the style of your sailor baby shower invitations, it is time to personalize it and add all the important information. And you can share it on social media or thru email with your friends and family.Β 

With the guest list ready and your invitations on their way, you can now focus on planning the event. Here are some of the arrangements you should make. Start by choosing the location, selecting the menu, finding a catering service, or organizing with your family to cook a meal. Then it is time to look for decorations, favors, and entertainment or games.Β 

Planning a baby shower does not have to be hard; you can make it as casual or formal as you wish. And if you prefer a laid-back event, you can always host it at home with some appetizers and drinks. Remember, those who attend your baby shower are there because they share the excitement of your baby's arrival.Β