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Rainbow Baby Shower Invitations

Rainbows are a magical spectacle of nature; it is amazing how you can find such a beautiful phenomenon after a storm. A rainbow baby shower has a deeper and more meaningful story than just the love for colors for many couples. If that is the case for you or if you simply love rainbows, Paperlust has many options for you to choose from. 

Rainbow-themed baby shower invitations can be fun and playful, with beautiful clouds and a smiley sun. But they can also be chic if you choose an artistic option. Whichever you refer to, Paperlust has the perfect design for your rainbow baby shower invitations. Find the design you like the most and personalize the wording, add the date and time of your event, and include the location. You can also add registry information. If you wish to change the current design, you can always add a special-order request. And if you already have a design, you can ask for a custom order, and our design team will work with you to create a unique rainbow-themed baby shower invitation.