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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Purple And Gold Baby Shower Invitations

Purple is a royal and elegant color, and when you add gold to the design, you will have a luxurious result. Paperlust offers a wide variety of designs within these tones, and you can personalize the colors, font, size and even add a custom backside for more information. Special requests are also available for you to customize it and even create a design from scratch. 

Your decoration can have purple blooms or purple paper flowers with a touch of gold in the vase. Balloon arrangements are another great way to decorate the venue you choose. Purple and gold colors suit the best elegant and formal baby showers, but if you prefer to tone down the colors, you can opt for white, lavender, and gold for a daytime and casual gathering. 

Ordering your baby shower invitations online is simple. While you customize the wording with our editing tool, you can include important details such as the venue's name, location, time, date, and registry information. Order your invitations as soon as possible so you can mail them at least six to four weeks before your event. And do not forget to order matching thank you cards to send your appreciation to those who attended your shower. 


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