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Postcard Baby Shower Invitations

Traveling couples will fall in love with this theme for their upcoming baby shower. Postcards are ideal for uploading a photo and making them extra unique. And they are also genderless, so that you can choose this theme regardless of the gender of your baby. 

Paperlust has many postcard baby shower designs which you can personalize by using our editing tool. You can add details like the mom's name to be, baby, location, time, and date. And you can change the font, resize and discard elements from the design. 

Suppose you like one of our designs and wish to make greater changes like choosing a different color or incorporating different elements or designs. In that case, you can request a quote for a custom order and work with our design team to make it happen. 

Our selection of paper and envelopes is wide; depending on the print type you choose, you will have many options like colored stock, specialty stock, and digital printing paper. We also offer envelopes in unique and beautiful colors and a variety of envelope liners with standard patterns, or you can request a custom design to match your postcard baby shower invitations.