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Pink Elephants Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower for a baby girl is the most magical thing in the world. There are so many options and themes, but one of the sweetest must be pink elephants. They are adorable, and you can incorporate any decoration you want, from a flower installation to a balloon arch. 

Once you choose pink elephant baby shower invitations, you will find various designs to choose from. And you can customize them to suit your needs and add all the information you wish. For example, if you prefer a different font, size, or color, you can personalize the design thru our editing tool. And if you have a design you want to print, you can request a custom order and work with our team to have the best result. 

While you customize your baby shower invitation, include all the following details: 

  • Adress. 

  • Date and time. 

  • Mother and baby name (if you wish). 

  • Registry information. 

While making your guest list, consider those who you know will be happy for your new arrival. For example, close family and friends, perhaps some coworkers, and neighbors. Your guest list should be full of loving people who are thrilled to meet your baby and to share this unique experience with you. 

Once you have a guest list and the design for your pink elephant baby shower invitations, you can order them in Paperlust; just do it timely so you can mail them six to four weeks before the big day. And do not forget to order matching thank you cards to mail every attendant who brought a thoughtful gift for your little one. Paperlust ships globally, and if your order is $300.00 USD or more, it ships for free.