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Flower Baby Shower Invitations

Planning a baby shower while pregnant is not all games and fun, and if you want to play safe and not break your head coming up with a unique theme, you can always play safe and choose a flower theme. Flower baby shower invitations suit both casual and formal events, they can adapt to any color palette you have in mind, and your decorations will be a piece of cake. You only need to visit your local flower shop and ask them for floral centerpieces or fresh flowers you can arrange yourself. 

What should your floral baby shower invitation say? 

  • An inviting phrase such as we are pleased to invite you to a celebration of the arrival of baby___. Or, we would be more than happy to see you and celebrate a baby shower in honor of mommy to be ____ and baby ____.

  • Date and time. 

  • Location. 

  • Registry information. 

Once you find the perfect flower baby shower invitation after browsing thru Paperlust, it is time to customize the wording and any other detail you might need to change. Once you are finished, you can share the design on social media or email with your friends and family.