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Bow Ties Baby Shower Invitations

A classic design and theme for your baby shower invitations is a small and cute bow tie. It suits both formal and informal celebrations beautifully, and you can choose a very gala-like design with a black and white combination along with metallic details. Or make it more informal with baby blue and brown or gray. 

Paperlust offers a wide selection of bow ties baby shower invitations, which you can customize to include the proper wording, details and change the size, and color of any element. You can also pick one of our printing types to match your celebration, from the simple digital print to an elegant metallic foil. And if we fail to have a design to suit your needs, you can always request a custom design. 

Order your baby shower invitations with anticipation so you can mail them six to four weeks before your event. Include all the important details such as: 

  • Location. 

  • Date and time. 

  • Name of the mother and baby. 

  • Registry information. 

When you choose the wording of your baby shower invitations, keep in mind the type of event you are hosting. For example, suppose you plan for a casual gathering like a picnic or a backyard barbeque. In that case, you can add some of those details to your invitation with phrases like, "We are happy to announce our family is growing, and we will be happier if you could join us to celebrate with a family picnic."

And if your event will have formal etiquette, you can also let your guests know with the proper design and wording. Add something like, "Please join us to celebrate the arrival of our baby with a dinner party." 


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