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Twin Baby Announcement Cards & Birth Announcement Cards

The most joyous of moments in your life has arrived. You have been bestowed with the blessing of twins, and have finally given birth to your long-awaited children. There is nothing like the love of a mother, and by giving out these twin baby announcement cards that are personalised and unique, you can show your excitement and love in a beautiful, customized way.

Begin by choosing which girl, boy, twin and neutral cards you would like, no matter if it is two boys, two girls, or a mixture of the two--Paperlust has it all. With the gender picked out, you can choose a design style that speaks to the unique nature of your precious twins with designs such as--pretty, adorable, cute and fun. Choose a theme to achieve the same diverse effect and layer on the stylish appeal with choices such as--tea party, summer, shabby chic and picnic

Further the incredible quality of these birth announcements when you opt for a paper style that is truly your own. Print styles include--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card for a look and feel that cannot be matched by run-of-the-mill cards.

A number of other products are available to you to help announce your baby boy's entrance into the world, or to simply send out a hello to family and friends. Included in this are products such as--baby announcement and baby shower invitations.

Let the family know that your little one has arrived in style when you send out a baby announcement from Paperlust. A team of designers are waiting to assist you in curating the perfect cards, and you can begin the process now by contacting

When the joy is double, you should send your twin babies birth announcement extra special. Twins birth announcements are a beautiful way to let everyone you love your babies have arrived. Take a beautiful picture of the newest addition to your family and upload it to Paperlust to include it in your birth announcement for twins. 

Paperlust has a wide selection of designs available for your twins' birth announcement, no matter if you have girls or boys. When you find the right design, it is time to customize the wording. You can add quotes like: "twice the love" or "our family welcomes with love twins____ and ____." 

And do not forget to include the name of your twins, as well as the date and time of birth. If you wish to personalize an existing design, you can always add a special request to change the colors, add elements, or remove them.