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Pumpkin Baby Announcements

If you expect a fall season baby, what better way to share the news than with a pumpkin birth announcement? Pumpkin designs are adorable. You can find one to suit your needs at Paperlust, with our great selection of festive baby birth announcements. And ordering is simple. You chose the design you prefer, personalize it, and we get to work. 

If you are still unsure what information your pumpkin baby birth announcement should include, we can guide you. When you are using our editing, the tool is important to add the following.

  • Name of the baby. 

  • Time and date of birth. 

  • Weight and length. 

Plus, you can include a phrase or quote related to pumpkins. We have a couple of ideas too. 

  • We added a pumpkin to our patch this year. 

  • Our little pumpkin has arrived.

  • Say hello to our pumpkin. 

Remember to keep your design simple and cute. The main element should be a photo of your baby. Once you find the design you love from our selection of pumpkin baby announcements, you can upload a photo and even add a filter to personalize it. Paperlust offers multiple options for your printing, but the digital print is the way to go if you are looking for an affordable one. You will have high-quality printing at a low cost.