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Newspaper Birth Announcement

If we talk about big news, there is no bigger news than announcing the birth of your baby. And what better way to share it with the world than through a newspaper birth announcement, with your baby picture as the front page. Paperlust can help you customize a birth announcement newspaper in a simple way. 

Use our editing tool to customize the newspaper birth announcement wording, and you can add the following phrases: 

  • It is official, the family welcomes another girl/boy. 

  • Meet the most adorable baby on earth. 

  • Breaking news! The wait is over; baby ____ has arrived. 

And do not forget to include important details such as the name of your bundle of joy, the time and date of birth, you can even tell a story since the design is a newspaper, add funny details like how loud the first scream was. 

If you wish to make an existing design more personalized, you can always add a special request using our editing tool. You can request a change in the color and shape of some elements. And you can even request a custom order to create a one-of-a-kind announcement.