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Letterpress Baby Announcement Cards & Birth Announcement Cards

The letterpress has been around for hundreds of years. Timeless, elegant and full of class, this style of printing has never gone out of fashion, lending a sophisticated look and feel that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere else. That is why here at Paperlust we implement the letterpress baby announcement cards and birth announcement cards, letting you introduce your newborn with taste and classic style.

No matter the gender of the baby, there is a card for them. With--girl, boy, twin and neutral cards, there is always a suited letterpress birth announcement waiting to be created. Using an abundance of different theme types such as--safari, tea party, shabby chic and picnic, you can be sure that each elegant card is produced to the same standards, yet still suits your baby's individual personality all the same. Though we offer many other print styles like--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and metallic prints, the letterpress stands on its own as a truly sleek and beautiful style to send out your birth announcements in a such a way that will always be remembered by those who receive them.

To add a bit more flair to your cards, you can choose to enhance your letterpress baby announcement cards with different designs, such as--funny, cute, fun and unique. Perhaps you would like to include additional stationery with your announcements. That is also made possible through Paperlust with our arrangement of baby announcement cards and baby shower invitations.

Scream your love for your newborn from the mountaintops with fashionable baby birth announcements from Paperlust! Contact us with further enquiries at

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