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Hockey Baby Announcements

Hockey is a sport with many fans, and if you are a couple waiting for a new team player, you can add hockey elements to your baby birth announcement. You can choose a design with a hockey puck and hockey sticks, but the most important part of your hockey-themed baby announcement is the photo of your little one. 

When you order your hockey baby announcement with Paperlust, you get the chance to personalize every part of the design. You can choose an existing design and use our editing tool to change the wording, add your baby's name, date and time of birth, and any other information you want to share. You can also choose a different font and resize, move or delete elements. 

If you want to change colors or add new elements to an existing design, you can add a special request. Custom orders are also available, you can work with our design team and create something unique, or if you already own a design, we can help you with printing.