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Girl Baby Announcement Cards & Birth Announcement Cards

It's a girl! You are ecstatic at the gender of your child, knowing all of the wonderful life lessons and wisdom you will get to share with your little girl. Watching her grow into a toddler and then a child; from a teen to an intelligent, grown woman is an exciting journey you cannot wait to take. Show your family how thrilled you are about the birth of your child with the girl baby announcement cards from Paperlust.

The girl birth announcements are excellent for making a statement and delivering the wonderful news right away. To dress it up, consider adding in a gorgeous design style that is feminine and sweet, much like your baby girl. Designs include--pretty, adorable, cute and unique and can truly add a special touch to your baby announcement.

Layer the card with a theme such as--ballerina, princess, cowgirl and picnic to add even more of an appeal and set a certain tone and mood of the card. You can also add a dainty print type like--digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card and give your guests a card that is personal and unique.

If you find yourself needing other stationery like--baby announcement and baby shower invitations, Paperlust has exactly what you need. Choose from our abundance of products that can be designed and tailored specifically for you.

Paperlust knows how excited you are to welcome your baby girl into the world. Let us help out with this glorious task. Contact us at and start designing your announcement today.

The arrival of a baby girl to a family is always joyful. If you wish to share the great news with your family and friends, Paperlust has many designs to suit the occasion, from girly flowers and pink backgrounds to neutral colors and polka dots. You can browse thru the many options we offer and personalize them. 

When you find the design you like, you can upload a photo of your baby girl and add a filter. Our editing tool will allow you to customize the wording and include details from the arrival of your girl, such as the time and date of birth, name, weight, and length. You can also add cute phrases like: 

  • Dreams come true; our baby girl is here. 

  • We are blessed with the arrival of our little girl. 

  • Ten little fingers and toes have filled our hearts with joy. 

If one of our current designs is exactly what you imagined minus a couple of details, you can always personalize it by adding a special request to change colors, elements, and fonts. And to create a design from scratch for your baby girl's birth announcement, our design team can always accommodate a custom order. 

Girls birth announcements are the best way to let your loved ones know your girl has arrived. Since the first weeks of life are pretty busy for mom and dad, you can always ask for help from a friend or family member to snap a picture and go thru the ordering process. Or you can wait for a little, there is no hurry, everyone will understand your hands are full, and etiquette dictates you have up to the sixth month to send those birth announcements.