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Gender Reveal Baby Announcements

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular and we can understand why. What’s not to love? If you’ve decided to host this most exciting party, your first focus should be finding the perfect gender reveal invitations. Whether you’re looking specifically for gender reveal baby shower invitations or you’re just having a less traditional gathering to share the news with close family and friends, you can never go wrong with a super cute invitation!


Themes to consider

There are many themes that people choose for their gender reveal invites. Here are just a few to inspire you:

  • Buck or doe gender reveal invitations
  • Baseball gender reveal invitations
  • Guns or glitter gender reveal invitations
  • Boots or bows gender reveal invitations
  • Gender reveal BBQ invitations
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star gender reveal invitations
  • Elephant gender reveal invitations
  • Football gender reveal invitations
  • Ties and tutus gender reveal invitations
  • Bee gender reveal invitations
  • Pumpkin gender reveal invitations

You can choose a theme based on your surroundings, hobbies or just pick a design that makes you say ‘Aww!’. There are no rules.


Twin gender reveal invitations

Are you or your partner eating for three instead of two? Twins gender reveal party invitations are double the fun! Find invitations for a gender reveal party specifically dedicated to twins or ask our designers to help customise one of our templates to suit twins.


For those on a budget

We understand that not everyone has buckets of money to spend, especially with bubs on the way, so may be on the hunt for cheap gender reveal invitations. It might seem easy to search for free printable gender reveal invitations or cheap printable gender reveal invitations, but make sure you do thorough research first otherwise you may end up with a dodgy company or low quality invitations that are difficult to customise. The term ‘gender reveal invitations free’ might not really mean free. There may be hidden costs and there’s also a good chance the artwork has been ripped off from a designer, who is then deprived of credit and compensation. Instead of DIY gender reveal invitations, skip the hassle and choose stress free gender reveal invitations from Paperlust where we take care of the nitty gritty stuff and you can relax and plan your party. 


Wording for baby gender reveal invitations

Choosing the right wording for your baby gender reveal party invitations is important. You can choose formal if you’re planning a sophisticated party, but perhaps you preparing for a BBQ in the backyard or a day at the beach and want casual wording. The one thing we do know is that at least one parent’s name should be included, the purpose of the party should be clear and you can never go wrong with some cute wording!


Shopping online

Shopping for events stationery online has many benefits. From more options and better prices, to a higher level of customisation and just plain convenience, it really is the only savvy option. Choose your favourite gender reveal invitations template on this page and start the customisation process today. Get your gender reveal online invitations with Paperlust and not only do we ship worldwide and provide complimentary white envelopes, you will have professional customer support every step of the way. 

There’s no reason to stick to the norm with gender reveal party invitations. Brainstorm with your partner or friends and come up with a personal twist that will make your invites that little bit more special. Then confirm your order and get ready for a fun baby celebration!


Announcing the gender of your newborn is a big deal for your family and friends, especially if no one has a clue about whether you are having a boy or a girl. Letting everyone know the gender of your baby with a cute baby gender announcement is a perfect idea, and Paperlust can help you with unique designs. 

Baby girl gender announcements can include sweet colors like pink, peach, ivory, lilac, orange, and yellow. Elements like baby animals, stars, and flowers suit perfectly. For baby boy gender announcements, we offer a variety of blue, brown, green, and gray designs. And you can even make it a total surprise until they read the text of your announcement with a gender-neutral baby announcement. 

In addition to selecting the right design, you need to customize the wording and include details such as the name you have chosen for your little one, the date and time of his or her birth, and weight. While you use the editing tool, you can add a special request to change the color of a current design or its elements. And you can even add a custom backside to include more information.