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The photography collection of our beautiful wedding cards, wedding stationery and invites.

Formal Baby Announcement Cards & Birth Announcement Cards

Sometimes in your life, there are moments where you want to be lighthearted, fun and silly. Other times may occur where you believe it is time to be grounded and respectful, and that is where Paperlust's formal baby announcement cards come into play. We offer a number of classy, put-together and formal cards to serve as birth announcements that will show just how important this moment is to you.

From the moment you find out the gender of your baby, you can begin designing your baby announcement with girl, boy and twin cards that make it known immediately what you are having. Along with adding in gender, you may opt to include one of our stunning and exciting design styles to match the formality of the announcement, including, but not limited to simple, funny, fun and unique. This adds a nice spin on traditional birth announcements without detracting from the formal beauty of it all.

A theme option is also available to you, allowing you to further customise your cards and help send the message you are excited to deliver. These themes include princess, western, halloween and picnic and are complementary to the design you have chosen. With these variables determined, you can decide to have them printed using one of our unique, timeless and formal printing styles, including digital cards, letterpress, foil stamp and photo card for an elegant effect.

Any number of our products like wedding invitations, save the date, thank you cards and baby shower invitations can be crafted by our expert design team to get that formal look you are after that falls into line with your other stationery. Above all, Paperlust is here to serve your design needs. Contact us today to get started on your formal baby announcement cards!